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Top 6 Samsung Galaxy S5 New Features

Posted by on March 7, 2014

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was finally unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, and in just few weeks you’ll be able to get one from your local carriers. According to Samsung, this new flagship smartphone will be launched globally on April 11th this year.

On the first glance, The Galaxy S5 does not look very different from its predecessor, the Galaxy S4, though it features a slightly bigger screen. However, it does bring a number of new features to the device. Here are six top new features of Samsung Galaxy S5.

Improved Camera

Samsung has bumped up the camera on the Galaxy S5 to 16 megapixels. The most impressive part about the camera is the auto-focus speed, which is at 0.3 seconds and Samsung claims it is the fastest focus time in the world right now.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Auto Focus

Heart Rate Monitor

Samsung claims Galaxy S5 is the first smartphone to come with a built-in heart rate monitor. The monitor is placed at the back of the phone right next to the LED flash and will work in conjunction with new health apps part of the S-Health 3.0 suite. Simply launch S Health 3.0, hold your finger over the LED, and the display will start showing you your heart rhythm and your beats per minute (BPM).

heart rate monitor on samsung galaxy s5

Dust and Water Resistant

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has IP67 certified which means it is resistant to both dust and water. Samsung suggests that you could use the device in the shower, but keep in mind this doesn’t mean it’s water proof, so don’t go swimming to the bottom of your pool with the Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5 water resistant

Fingerprint Scanner

The Galaxy S5 includes a fingerprint scanner that embedded on the home button. The scanner can be used to lock the phone and for authenticating mobile payments via PayPal. Users will need to swipe their finger vertically to get the full fingerprint.

fingerprint scanner on Samsung Galaxy S5

Download Booster

The phone also includes a unique feature called Download Booster that combines LTE and Wi-Fi connections to achieve faster download speeds. This could allow you to download music, games, and movies in much faster speeds than ever before.

Ultra Power-saving Mode

While many of today’s smartphones offer power saving mode to preserve the battery life, but Samsung took this a step further. Samsung Galaxy S5 has an ultra power-saving mode that once enabled turns the screen into black and white and kills all non-essential apps and services. Samsung says if you put your phone in standby mode with only 10 percent of the battery left, it will still last up to 24 hours before running out of juice.