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Top 5 Free Icon Packs for Android

Posted by on July 27, 2014

The plus point of having an Android device is that you can customize your device’s home screen to look however you want. One of the easiest ways to do this is by installing a third-party launcher. With third-party launchers, you can give your device a fresh new look with just a few taps.

These launchers are also support icon packs, allowing an extra level of customization. If you’re bored with the stock icons of your Android device, you can use icon packs to give your device a brand new look and feel.

How to Use Icon Packs

To use icon packs, you’ll need to install a third-party launcher on your device. There are plenty of launchers available on the play store that allow you to customize app icons. If you’re confused on which launcher to use for your Android phone, here we have listed some of the best Android launchers to get you started.

Once you install the launcher on your device, you can install an icon pack and go into your launcher’s settings. You’ll find an option that allows you to choose between the icon packs you’ve installed. Many of these icon packs also include wallpapers, which you can set in the normal way.

Top 5 Free Icon Packs for Android Launchers

Here are the five free icon packs that you can use to beautify your Android device’s home screens.

  1. MIUI 5 Launcher Theme
    MIUI 5 is one of the best icon pack available in the Android market. If you want a icon pack that makes your Android device look and feel like an iOS device, then MIUI 5 is your best bet. This icon pack consists of more than 3000 icons that are similar to the icons used by the MIUi ROM developed by China’s Xiaomi Tech.

    Apart from having a large list of icons, this pack will give the majority of your app icons a very slick, consistent look. It works on Apex, ADW, Action Launcher Pro, Atom, Holo, Nova and Smart Launcher.

  2. miui 5 launcher theme screenshots

  3. Belle UI Icon Pack
    Belle UI Icon pack is another best icon pack for Android. It has over 1250+ custom icons designed for XXHDPI screen. This icon pack is compatible with multi launcher and supports almost all launchers, including Go launcher, Action, ADW, Apex, Atom, Dodol, Holo, Inspire, Kcin, Lucid, Nova, Smart, Solo launcher, and more.
  4. belle ui icon pack screenshots

  5. Tiny White Icon Pack
    Tiny white icon pack is a minimalist icon pack that has a clean, crisp look. As the name suggests, all the icons are white and much smaller than their default size. This icon pack has 1300+ free icons and supports a wide range of launchers like Apex, ADW, Go, Nova, Smart, etc. If you love tiny and minimal look than Tiny White is definitely for you.
  6. tiny white icon pack screenshots

  7. Moonshine Icon Pack
    Moonshine Icon Pack is another beautiful icon packs app that gives your phone the look of Android 5.0 L material design. The icon pack contains more than 400 high quality icons that you can use to customize your phone’s stock icons. Moonshine icon pack supports all popular launchers such as Apex, ADW, Nova, Smart and Go Launcher.

    In addition to the icons, Moonshine also offers a number of wallpapers – most of them are in Android L design. So, if you are looking for an Android L like theme on your Android, then Moonshine is the right icon app for you.

  8. moonshine icon pack screenshots

  9. Voxel Icon Pack
    Voxel icon pack is a simple, colorful icon pack which houses nearly 1000 icons. The icons are mainly square based with drop shadow effects over pastel colors. So if you love some big drop-shadows then this is an icon pack you’d want to check out.

    Like the other icon pack apps, Voxel also works with most popular launchers and it offers lots of gorgeous wallpapers to spice up your home screens.

  10. voxel icon pack screenshots

These are some of the best icon packs that are available for free on Google Play Store. If you have any favorites please do share them with us in the comments below.