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Top 10 Best Free Android Apps for Bloggers

Posted by on April 20, 2013

Today, smartphones have become mobile connections to the whole world, doing almost anything a laptop can do, including blogging. With the massive step up in the smartphone technology and applications designed for them, taking your digital life wherever you go is now easier than ever.

Since Android is the most widely used mobile operating system these days, majority of bloggers would be having a smartphone or tablet running on Android OS. Being one of the most popular mobile operating system, Android has brought a number of applications to aid bloggers. The following are some of the best free Android apps for bloggers.

  1. WordPress
    Wordpress is one of the most widely used blogging platform. The wordpress for android allows you to carry forward the same rich text editing on your device. You can create and edit blog posts, manage comments, and view blog traffic statistics. This app supports both self-hosted blogs and wordpress.com-hosted blogs.

    wordpress for android screenshots

  2. Tumblr
    Tumblr is one of the coolest social media-savvy platforms in the blogger community. The tumblr android allows you to access all the great available on its desktop version such as posting text, images, video links, quotes, etc. A key benefit of this app is the ability to search and follow people from smartphone contact list. Additional features like saving drafts, post scheduling, previewing posts and customizing tweets also give you a complete blogging experience on the go.

    tumblr app for android screenshots

  3. Hootsuite
    HootSuite is a free android app that allows you to share your blog posts and send updates to Facebook and Twitter. You can easily schedule updates, manage campaigns, and even view click-through stats from the app.

    hootsuite  app for android screenshots

  4. Blogger
    Blogger is another popular blogging platform that many bloggers use. If you have a blog on Blogger, then you should give it a try. You can create and edit post with this app. However, the functionality of this app is still very limited when compared to the WordPress app. Although lacking some features, the simple design of the app makes blogging less complicated.

    blogger app for android screenshots

  5. Paypal
    The paypal app for Android allows you to make secure mobile payments wherever you go on your android device. You can manage your paypal account, check balance, withdraw funds, and view past transactions at anytime and anywhere. If you have a monetized blog, using the PayPal app on your tablet or smartphone is a good choice to monitor incoming payments and send money when necessary.

    paypal app for android screnshots

  6. LiveJournal
    The livejournal for android app is the perfect blogging app for journalists and bloggers who love to travel. It acts like your virtual personal adventure journal. Like its desktop version, you can create new entries, edit posts, manage comments right from your Android smartphone or tablet.

    livejournal app for android screenshots

  7. Evernote
    Evernote is a very useful app to helps you remember everything on the go. You can take notes, capture an image, create to-do list, and record voice recorders with this app. Evernote can also sync all of your notes across all of your devices so you can be sure that all your notes are easily accessed via your phone, desktop and tablet.

    evernote app for android screenshots

  8. gReader
    gReader is one of the Best RSS reader app available on Android. This is not the official android app from Google but it’s awesome. With this app you can follow your favorite site’s RSS feed and read all the latest news in one place. This app also has a feature to sync all updates on your Android devices.

    greader app for android screenshots

  9. Google Analytics
    Google Analytics is a free Google tool which allows bloggers to track their blog’s traffic. By installing Google Analytics app, you can view your site usage statistics from your android devices wherever you go. The main features of this app include real time statistics, customizable dashboards and intelligence events.

    google analytics app for android screenshots

  10. Facebook
    Facebook for Android makes it easy for you to stay connected and share information with your friends. With this app, you can share your blog updates, check out News Feed, see your friends’ walls, upload photos, posted videos, etc from your device’s homescreen.

    facebook app for android screenshots