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The Difference Between Android and Windows Phone

Posted by on October 14, 2013

Android and Windows phone are two great mobile operating systems that run on smartphones and tablets. They are both feature-filled and polished mobile operating systems at present.

If you are unsure about which one to choose between Android and Windows-phone smartphone, then this article will help you better understand the difference between Android and Windows Phone platform so that can help you to decide which one to go for.

Operating System (OS)

Android is an open source platform, meaning that the operating system is available for modification by manufacturers to suit their respective needs and phones.

In contrast, Microsoft Windows Phone is closed-sourced, meaning that it is owned and managed by Microsoft and developers do not have direct access to the operating system programming code.

User Interface (UI)

The another difference between android and windows phone is their user interface. While both rely on touchscreen interactions, Android Jelly Bean features an interface with multiple home-screens that can be fully customized with widgets and shortcuts, while Windows Phone 8 has a single home-screen populated with Live Tiles.

Live Tiles on Windows Phone operates in much the same way as widgets on Android, allowing you quickly access to an app.

Both interfaces are intuitive to use, although there is a bit of a learning curve if you are completely new to both of these mobile OS.

Android and windows phone UI comparison


In terms of handsets, Android is ahead than the windows phone. They are a huge number of Android phones offered by multiple device manufactures like Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, Huawei, etc. On other hand, windows phone has been offered by only a few manufactures with limited handsets.

However, it doesn’t mean that the Windows phone is not better. Manufactures like Nokia and HTC are known to make high quality mobile device for Windows phone.

They both are high-quality handsets but if you are looking for plenty of options then you will get them in Android.


As for apps, the Android clearly wins with over one million apps where as the Windows Phone have only about 160,000 apps with a few 25,000 being added every few weeks. But needless to say, Microsoft is trying everything it can to increase the app market.


In terms of security, windows phone is more secure than android. The reason for this is that windows phone doesn’t allow installation of apps from unknown sources. You are only allowed to install applications which are available in its app stores. While in Android, you can install any apps from outside of Google play store. So people tend to add more cracked softwares which carry a lot of viruses or malware. However, you can prevent it by never installing any apps from unknown sources.


Both Android and Windows phone have their own strength and weakness. If you’re a person who likes to explore apps and customize a smartphone then go for Android phone as it will allow you to do a lot of customization which you can’t do on the other OS. For people who require more secure platform then go for Windows phone.