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New Google Allo Update Will Include ‘Stranger Things’ Sticker Pack

Posted by on October 30, 2016

Google has teamed up with Netflix to bring Stranger Things content to its messaging app Allo. According to Techtimes, Google Allo now includes a Stranger Things sticker pack featuring Stranger logo graphics and favorite tee graphics that can be sent in chats to friends.

The Stranger Things sticker pack has 24 different images which include Barb, Demogorgon, Eggo, and some impressive 80s hair. There are also stickers with caption “Friends don’t lie”, “I’m Chill”, “Are you there?” and “WTF” in Christmas lights.

stranger things sticker pack

The new sticker pack comes just in time for Halloween, allowing users to get into the supernatural mindset. The Stranger Things sticker pack is now available on Google Allo for Android and iOS.

To download the sticker pack, Open Allo app then tap ‘+’ button and select the ‘sticker’ option. Now tap the ‘add stickers’ button and you’ll see Stranger Things pack at the top of the list. Tap the ‘download’ button to download the sticker pack in your Allo app.

Aside from the new sticker pack, Google Allo also got new spilt-screen mode which allows users to chat with friends while watching a video at the same time.