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How to Recover Deleted Media Files on Android using DiskDigger App

Posted by on September 25, 2013

Have you accidentally deleted some of your precious pictures or video files on your Android device and want them back? Well, whether you’ve accidentally deleted media files from your internal memory or SD card, there’s a chance of getting them back by using DiskDigger app that is available for free on Google play store.

DiskDigger is a powerful data recovery app that can help you to find your lost pictures and restore them to your Android device, or send them to your email account.

Note: This app can only restore .JPG, .PNG, and .MP4 media files and you would need to root your device before using this app otherwise it will not work.

Recovering deleted media files using DiskDigger is very simple. After installing Diskdigger, run the app and it will display all the system devices (including the SD card) that you can scan for lost files.

Diskdigger for android - data file recovery

If you don’t see any devices in the list, try pressing the ‘Refresh list’ button. If you still don’t see any devices, make sure you allowed the Superuser request.

After you select the device to scan, tap the ‘Scan device’ button to proceed. You will then see the main DiskDigger window, which shows you the progress of the scanning, as well as the recoverable files that have been found so far.

diskdigger for android picture 2

You can click on any of the recoverable files, which will show you a preview of the file on the right. Choose the file you want to recover and tap ‘Save local’.

diskdigger for android pic3

The app will then ask you the path of the folder you want to save the files to. If you’re recovering files from internal memory, you should save the files onto an external SD card (not internal memory). It is not recommended to save the files onto the same partition from which they were recovered, because that would risk permanently overwriting the very same files that are being recovered. Alternatively, you may also send the files to your email account or upload them to your web host.