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How to Hide Non-Music Audio Files from Appearing on Android Music Player

Posted by on September 21, 2013

Android devices come with a built in music player called what else but Music or Music Player. This music player allows you to play all your favorite musics anywhere you go. The stock music player supports many types of music files including MP3, AAC, ANR, M4A, and OGG Vorbis files.

By default, the music app will scan the entire phone for supported media files and include all of them in its library. This means any non-music audio files, like sound effects and audiobooks, will also be included in the music player.

You certainly don’t want those unrelated audio files to play during music playback in music player, right? Well, in this article, I’ll show you how to exclude or hide the non-music audio files from appearing on your music player’s playlist.

  • Get a file manager app like X-plore or Astro File Explorer from Google Play Store. In this example, I’m using X-plore file manager.
  • Launch the file manager app and go to the specific folder where you want to exclude the file. Note: This method hides entire files within the excluded folder. So if you have several audio files that you don’t to be excluded, simply move them to other folder.
  • hide media files via X-plore img1

  • Now create a new file by tapping on ‘New text file’ button on the left side of the app. Type “.nomedia” as filename and tap OK. The file will be instantly created. The just created file will not be shown to you since any file that starts with dot is hidden. To view hidden files, go to X-plore Settings > Configuration > Tick on ‘Show Hidden files’.
  • hide media files via X-plore img2

  • Restart your phone and launch your android music player. Now the excluded folder contents will no longer appear in music player.