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How to Boot Multiple Custom ROMs on Nexus 5 with MultiROM

Posted by on December 28, 2013

One of the best things about Android device is the ability to install custom ROMs. Custom ROMs are replacement ROMs or firmware made by third-party developers for Android devices that provides features or options which are not found in the stock OS. They are very popular nowadays because they are faster and they are more customizable than the stock ROMs.

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If you own a rooted Nexus 5 smartphone and are unhappy with the stock offering, you can always download an alternative ROM to fulfill your needs. But flashing and re-flashing new ROMs just to try them out is annoying and tiresome.

Fortunately, an XDA developers member has built an app that allows you to have many ROMs on your device and easily switch between them without having the fear of losing any data. The name of that app is MultiROM which is available for whole Nexus family devices, including Nexus 5.

With the app, you can install several ROMs at the same time and everytime you reboot your device, you have the option to choose which one to boot. In addition to boot ROMs from device’s internal memory, MultiRom can also boot ROMs from USB flash drive connected to the device via USB OTG cable. (Read How to Connect a USB flash drive to your Android Device).

MultiROM user interface

How to Install Multi-Rom on Nexus 5

Note: Make sure you backed up your device before doing this.

    • Download and install MultiRom manager app here.
    • After installing, launch the app
    • On the Install/Update card, tick the ‘MultiROM’, ‘Recovery’ and ‘Kernel’ check boxes, then tap the ‘Install’ button.

MultiROM Manager pic1

    • The app will automatically downloading and installing the required components for your device.

MultiROM Manager pic2

How to Add a Secondary custom ROMs

  • Download and copy the new ROM to your device’s memory.
  • Reboot your device into recovery.
  • In Recovery mode, go to Advanced -> MultiRom -> Add ROM
  • Select the ROM’s zip file and confirm the installation.
  • Done!

Note: You can use the same method for installing multiple Android ROMs.

How to Delete or Update a Secondary custom ROM

You can easily delete or update any of your secondary Android ROMs that you have installed by following these steps:

  • Reboot your device into recovery.
  • Go to Advanced -> MultiROM -> List ROMs and select the ROM that you want to update or delete it.
  • Select ‘Flash ZIP’ and flash ROM’s ZIP file

If you have any doubts, you can watch the video below for a quick tutorial on how to install multiple ROMs on Google Nexus 5.

For more information about MultiRom, you can visit the official XDA threads here.