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Get Android L Style Notifications on Your Android Device with Floatify app

Posted by on October 10, 2014

One of the most interesting features of Android L demos in Google I/O 2014 is the newly designed notifications, where a notification floats on top of everything else on your screen and you can either swipe it to dismiss it or tap it to respond. You will also be able to interact with them.

If you’re one of those who can’t wait till Android L becomes available or your device is not getting the Android L update, there’s an app called Floatify that can give you a preview of what it will be like.

floatify pic1

Floatify is a new Android app that brings the same Android L style notifications to your Android device. You don’t need to root your phone to get the new notification system. The only requirement is the device must be running on Android 4.3+ or above because the older versions don’t support the floating feature.

Once installed and enabled, when you receive a notification, a summary appears on the lock screen. You can tap on it to see the full notification, or swipe to dismiss. You can also add bulk actions, like dismiss all notifications, to your home screen, to make life easier.

The app let you customize the style of notification, like where the pop-up will appear, animation, background, etc. You can also change the notification background color, size, position, opacity, text, icons, and more.

floatify screenshots

If you find notifications annoying when you’re playing a game or watching a video, there’s a ‘Smart Blacklist’ option that lets you disable notifications for selected apps. These notifications will reappear as soon as you close that app.

This app has both free and paid versions. The paid version will unlock all features like Smooth animations, Unlimited text filter words, Quiet hours, Wake screen on notification, Custom timeout settings for popup, Privacy settings for apps, Icon pack support, Backup & restore functionality, and much more.

If you want to enjoy the new Android L style notifications on your device, then Floatify is the best app for you.