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8 Tips to Get The Most Out of Samsung S Voice

Posted by on July 20, 2014

S Voice is Samsung’s voice control app, similar to Google’s own voice command, which allows you to perform various tasks such as dialing a phone number, sending a text message, playing music, etc, on your device by using your voice. This feature is particularly useful for driving and other times when you need hands-free functionality.

S Voice is currently available as a built-in app for Samsung Galaxy S3, S3 Mini, S4, S4 Mini, S5, S5 Mini, Note 2, Note 3, Note 8, Note 10.1, Mega, Grand, Galaxy Tab series and all new series of Samsung Galaxy flagship devices.

If you are using one of those Samsung Galaxy devices, then you can take advantage of the S voice services. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the Samsung S Voice.

1. Set Wake-Up Command

Setting a wake up command is the first thing you should do if you plan to use the S Voice feature. Not only it can tell you what command you can use to activate it, but it also allows you to create a custom wake-up command.

The default wake-up command is “Hi, Galaxy”, but you can change it to any 3-5 syllable phrase you’d like. To do this, open up S Voice app then tap the Menu button -> Settings. Make sure ‘wake up command’ option is checked and then select ‘Set wake-up command’.

set wake up command

This should bring you to a screen where you can custom various wake-up functions. Tap a command number and then choose the function. Tap the mic button then say the word or phrase you want to use as the wake-up command 4 times when prompted.

2. Answer and Reject Calls

S Voice allows you to easily accept or ignore incoming calls using the commands “Answer” and “Reject” when your phone starts to ring. When you answer your phone in this way, the audio will automatically be switched to the external speaker on the device, allowing you to answer and conduct a conversation completely hands-free.

To do this, on the S voice settings menu, find the option ‘Voice cmd for apps’ and flip the switch to turn it ON. For galaxy S4 users, from the Home screen, tap on the Menu button -> Settings -> My Device tab. Tap Voice control, and touch the slider to turn the feature ON.

Note: If you set the alarm type for calls, then this voice command is not available.

3. Control Your Music Player

Users can also tell S-Voice to play music by saying “Play…” followed by the name of the track or album or simply saying “Play to open music player app. You can skip through tracks by saying “Next” or “Previous”, and you can control the volume by saying “Volume up” and “Volume down”. If you have playlists set up, you can play them by saying “Play playlist my favorites” or whatever the title of the playlist is.

4. Take photos

If your only camera button is onscreen and you find it difficult to tap the button, then you can tell the camera to take a photo for you. To do this, make sure the ‘voice commands for apps’ or ‘voice control’ option is enabled, then open the camera app, and when you’re ready to take a photo, simply say “Smile”, “Shoot”, “Cheese or “Capture”.

5. Update your Facebook/Twitter

You can also do hands-free social networking through S Voice. To be able to use S Voice to update your Facebook or Twitter statuses, you first need to authenticate these networks within the S Voice settings. On the settings menu, scroll down to the Social Settings section and tap on the app you want to integrate. Enter your login details for that app. Once this is done, just say “Facebook/Twitter update The Samsung S Voice is brilliant” it will post it to your account.

6. Add a Home Address

To make navigation using S Voice even easier, you can tell your device your home address in advance, allowing you to quickly navigate home by saying a command such as “Drive home”. To set your home address, go to S Voice > Settings > Navigation > Home Address. By using the voice commands “Navigate to… ” or “Direction to…”, you can use S Voice to help you navigate to almost any location you want using Google Maps.

7. Voice Search

As you would expect, you can use S Voice to search your contacts for a specific person or to search for information on the Internet. . To find a contact, you would use the command “Look up…”, to find something on your tablet you can use “Find…” and to search the Internet, use “Google…” or “Search…”. You can also ask your device questions like “What is today’s date” or “What is the weather?”. S Voice will search for the answer in the appropriate way and deliver the answer without leaving the app interface.

8. News Reader

If you are driving, or your eyes are otherwise engaged, you can ask S Voice to read out the latest news for you. Simply say “Read the news” or “I want to hear the news”. Depending on what news apps you have installed, S Voice will read out the latest story from Flipboard, Newsy, etc. To hear the next news item, simply say “Next news” or say “Previous news” to hear the previous news item.

These are just some of the Samsung S voice functions. There’s a lot more things that S Voice can do, so have fun exploring!