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8 Best Free Lock Screen Replacement Apps for Android

Posted by on June 8, 2014

Every Android device comes with inbuilt lock screen, but offers very limited features and functionality. If you do not like the lock screen that comes with your Android device and looking for an alternative to the default lock screen then you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find eight good-looking and feature-rich lock screen apps that will help you get the most out of your lock screen.

  1. Cover Lock Screen
    Cover is one of the best lock screen replacement app for Android. With Cover lock screen, users can access several apps and see bits of information directly from their lock screen.

    The best thing about this app is that it learns which apps a user accesses more frequently and puts them right on their lock screen for easy access. It also shows different apps to a user in different locations. For example, if at home the user accesses entertainment and game apps, those apps will be shown on the lock screen. In office, however, the productivity apps will be shown on the Cover lock screen.

    Other interesting features of Cover include App Switching which allows you to directly switch between apps easily, Peek that lets you quickly peek into apps right from the lock screen, and Smart settings which allows you to set custom settings for different mode.

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  3. Start
    Start is a cool Android app that lets you fully customize your lock screen. You can place nearly any app you want on your lock screen for fast access. You can make calls, send text message and email without unlocking your device. You can also stream your social media feed with just a single swipe.

    The lock screen app provides quick access to any app, either via a ring menu to unlock or small tabs spread out on the right or left sides of the screen. Also, the volume profile can be changed directly using the slider.

    The best thing about the Start lock screen is that it offers hundreds of free themes for you to choose, from minimalist Contrast to sci-fi Tron, from lego-like Star Wars to cartoon-like Love in the Air.

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  5. Go Locker
    GO Locker is a lock screen developed by the same company that created GO Launcher. Like all GO apps, GO Locker has a very clean look and allows for a great deal of customizability.

    With the app, you can enable app notifications and set reminders. You can also read your messages and phone logs directly from the lock screen. Go locker comes with a great number of themes, so you can personalize it to perfectly match your style.

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  7. DashClock Widget
    DashClock Widget is a new lock screen app that comes with extensions, which allows you to add all kinds of notifications and informations like alarm, weather, missed calls, etc, in a single widget.

    What makes it even better is that it’s an open source therefore other apps can tap into DashClock widget as well. It’s already being adopted by many apps and many extensions are being developed. Extension can be easily added through the setting button and you can even change the order in which they are viewed.

    DashClock Widget can be downloaded for free in Google Play Store and you can find all the extension by searching ‘DashClock’ in the play store.

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  9. Sparky Lock Screen Lite
    Sparky is another great lock screen replacement that lets you quickly access to basic apps and functions like messaging, calls, emails, without having to unlock your phone.

    Similar to Go Locker, Sparky also provides a huge range of different themes to choose from so you can find one that suits you perfectly.

    What’s cool about Sparky is that it offers a good selection of beautifully drawn lock screens, with shortcuts to frequently used apps and counters for missed events.

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  11. Magic Locker Main
    Magic Locker Main is a simple yet powerful Android lock screen that comes with various themes to match any personality. It also offers some screen lock security options, which allows users to set up an alternate lock screen method and to even block the Home key from being used. The volume rocker for instance can also be used to wake up the screen.

    One of the great things about the app is the ability of pulling down the notifications bar while the phone is locked, something which was forbidden in other options.

    The Magic Locker Main just includes one theme named ‘Lost Robot’, as the default theme, but you can search more themes in Google Play Store. There are over 3000 themes available for free on the Google market.

  12. magic locker main screenshots

  13. Holo Locker
    Holo Locker is a simple and fast lock screen replacement that is based on stock Jelly Bean lock screen. As the name suggest, this lock screen app resemble beautiful Holo design. The minimalist lock screen app does have several adjustments that you can tweak. For example, the status bar can be enabled or disabled while the text color can be changed. The paid version of the app has counters for unread emails and text messages and would let you custom shortcuts as well change the background image.
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  15. Locker Master
    Locker Master is among the more stylish lock screen replacement apps for Android. The app comes with various live and interactive themes for your lockscreen. It also has a simple-to-use DIY theme editor which allows you to quickly create your own custom lock screen. Once you’ve created your themes, the app also allows you to share your creation with other users of the app or download one of the many designs that other people have created.

    There is a huge selection of clock designs, decorations, sprites and props that you can easily mix and match according to your style. It also brings some great functionality along with the creativity. You can add text, the time, your battery percentage, and more to your lock screen.

    You can also display Facebook, Google+ and Twitter notification on the lock screen with this app. Moreover, it also provides the weather forecast shortcut on lock screen.

    If you’d like to intricately personalize your lock screen, font, wallpaper, and what information is shown, then Locker Master is the lock screen replacement app for you.

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These are some of the best lock screen apps for Android. So, which one is your favorite? Please feel free to share with us in the comments below.


  1. What about widget locker?

    • Widget locker is also a great app for lock screen replacement but it’s a paid app and therefore it is not on the list.

  2. I prefer Dodol Locker. It’s the best, IMO.

  3. Great list of apps. I prefer Go Locker. Thanks for the post.