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6 Best Free Android Launchers for Home Screen Replacement

Posted by on October 19, 2013

The best thing about Android is that it offers the users to completely customize their phone’s interface. If you get bored with the launcher that come with your device and you don’t want to go through the trouble of rooting your phone and adding a custom ROM to it, you can use the third-party launchers that are available in the play store to give your phone a new look and feel.

These launchers are risk free and easy to install. The following are 6 best free Android launchers to get you started.

  1. Go Launcher EX
    Go Launcher EX is one of the most popular launchers in the Android market. This app has been around since the days of Froyo. It packed full of features to customize your own home screen experience, including themes, icons and effects.

    There are more than 10000 themes available for GO Launcher on the Play Store, along with some beautifully designed widgets. Go Launcher themes go a bit further than just coloring some icons; many themes make major changes to the app drawer and other parts of the interface of your home screen. So, if you want to get a theme to massively change your launcher experience. You simply can’t go wrong with Go Launcher EX.

    go launcher screenshots

  2. Nova Launcher
    Nova Launcher is a popular third-party launcher app for Android that keeps the same look and feel of stock Android launcher. The launcher is based on the stock Android ICS launcher with enhancements and features like unread count on icons, gestures, icon pack support, multiple drawers, transition animations and much more. Aside from that, Nova launcher runs smooth. It’s just an all around launcher.

    The launcher also supports tablets, and is available in free as well as paid versions.

    nova launcher screenshots

  3. Apex Launcher
    Similar to the Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher keeps the same stock Android feel with the default app, but the customization features are what really makes this a better alternative to what comes preloaded on your phone. It supports up to 9 home screens with customizable grids, as well as all the other tweaks that make this launcher so great. You can do a lot of customization, such as app drawer, home screen, themes, icon packs, and transition effects.

    Like the Nova launcher, Apex launcher support tablets. The only downside is that all of the cool features are in the paid versions, but that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

    apex launcher screenshots

  4. 91 Launcher
    91 Launcher is a new home screen replacement app that offers a smooth experience. As the app names, 91 launcher packed with 91 beautiful themes to choose from (Cars, games, nature, sports, etc.). It also offers various kinds of useful widgets and wallpapers to customize and enhance your Android phone.

    Power management, weather, system settings and other status widgets also come in hand on the notifications bar. The app supports Android 2.2 and higher versions.

    91 launcher screenshots

  5. Smart launcher 3
    Smart Launcher is an innovative android launcher characterized by a minimalist design, low memory usage and an user-friendly interface. This launcher automatically organizes all your installed applications on the app drawer by categories, making it easier and quicker to find your apps. You can of course change and adjust them further. The launcher is very intuitive and easy to use.

    The launcher is available in free and paid version. The free version has only one screen with shortcuts to some of the most commonly used apps. The pro version has a secondary screen, widget support, and more transitions and colors to customize the home screen of your device.

    Smart Launcher is also optimized for tablets, and it supports Android 2.1 and higher.

    smart launcher screenshots

  6. Launcher 8 WP Style
    If you are bored of the same Android’s UI, you can go for this launcher. It will transform your Android phone interface to the look of Windows phone 8.

    Just like WP8, it lets you customize live tiles on your home screen. You can add different size Titles, Themes, Background Styles, Widgets in the tiles, etc. Do not worry, the launcher is available for free in the Play store, just download the launcher and enjoy.

    launcher 8 screenshots

What’s your favorite third-party launcher? Please share with us..


  1. Buzz launcher, an easy way to have your own unique launcher. Customize like a pro in few minutes. Just give it a try!

  2. My favorite is Atom Launcher. It’s simple, and quick and gives me all the essential features of a custom launcher. And I love its themes and widgets and user interface. Perfect for those who have no time to grapple with lots of settings