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5 Cool Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Posted by on August 29, 2015

Finally, Samsung has unveiled its most anticipated phablet, the Galaxy Note 5, in the smartphone market. Compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 5 comes with a fantastic design, great performance, and probably the best camera found in a smartphone right now.

In addition, Samsung has also added a bunch of awesome features to the Galaxy Note 5 that makes it one of the best-looking and powerful devices so far. Now let’s take a look at the five coolest features of Samsung’s new flagship phablet.

Improved S-pen

Every new iteration of the Galaxy Note comes with an improved S Pen and the Galaxy Note 5 is no exception. The S Pen on the Note 5 comes with an auto-eject mechanism so you can simply push the advanced stylus once and it will automatically pop out from the device.

Another cool feature is the ability to take notes on the screen without unlocking the phone. Simply pull out the stylus and write something on the black screen. The radial Air Command menu has also been tweaked and improved, and users can sign documents and even annotate PDF files directly. This handy feature saves time in printing, signing and scanning documents altogether.

galaxy note 5 s-pen feature

Fast Wireless Charging

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 5, it also revealed a fast wireless charging pad that takes advantage of the smartphone. With the new wireless charger, the Galaxy Note 5 can be charged from 0-100% in less than 2 hours. This is faster than the S6 Edge, which takes three hours to charge to full with a wireless charging.

Additionally, the phone also supports fast wired charging, which allows it to be charged to 100 percent in only around 90 minutes.

samsung galaxy note 5 fast wireless charging

YouTube Live Streaming Integration

One of the key new features on the Galaxy Note 5 is its ability to directly stream live Full HD videos at 60fps on YouTube. The option is built right into the camera app of the device, which allow you to stream everything captured by your phone’s camera straight to Google’s video-streaming service.

You’ll will need to sign into your Google account to enable YouTube live streaming. There’s a 30-second delay between when you start capturing video and when it appears on YouTube, giving you ample time to use the Share button to notify all your followers that you’re nearly live.

samsung galaxy note 5 youtube live streaming

Faster Memory

One of the biggest complaints that most Galaxy Note 4 users have with the device, is the broken multi-tasking. Despite coming with 3GB RAM, apps are frequently unloaded from memory on both handsets, which almost makes multi-tasking impossible on them.

Thankfully, Samsung is fixing this issue by including more RAM on the Galaxy Note 5. The phablet comes with 4GB of super fast and low power LPDDR4 RAM, which should help in alleviating the poor RAM management issue found on the Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung Pay

Samsung also launches its payment method called ‘Samsung Pay’ on Galaxy Note 5. With this feature, the users do not need to carry the wallet anymore. It allows contactless payments at a huge number of existing payment terminals. Along with Near-Field Communication, or NFC, it uses Magnetic Secure Transmission, or MST, which is the same technology that nearly every credit card reader uses to process credit cards.

Price and Release Date

The Galaxy Note 5 has a “worldwide release date” of August 2015, but the exact day varies between countries. In the US, the Note 5 went on sale on 21 August with a SIM-free RRP of $999, and it will soon release in Asian markets but it might not come to the UK until next year.

According to Samsung and Trusted Reviews, the Galaxy Note 5 release date in the UK won’t arrive this year. Samsung says that it will continue to evaluate the release which means that there could be a UK Galaxy Note 5 release down the road. Samsung’s focus, at this point, appears to be on the North American and Asian markets. Whether or not the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 officially comes to the UK or not, you will be able to buy it from the US and have it shipped over, though, you should check that it is supported by your network.

The Note 5 will be available in White Pearl, Black Sapphire, Gold Platinum and Silver Titanium.

galaxy note 5 colors

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Official Hands-On Video

Samsung has now posted an official hands-on video for its new phablet, examining all the design aspects, features and capabilities in detail. Check it out on the video below.