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5 Best Free File Manager Apps for Android

Posted by on September 23, 2014

By default, all Android phones and tablets have comes with a standard file manager from the manufacturer, which allows you to do some basic tasks like copy, move, rename, delete, etc. But it doesn’t have advanced features that are offered by some third-party file manager apps.

For example, If you want to change file extension or want to access to the device’s file system then you’ll need the help of a third-party file manager app.

There are numerous free file manager apps available on Google play store, and the following are some of the best file manager apps for Android.

  1. ES File Explorer
    ES File Explorer is one of the most popular file manager apps available for Android with over 100 millions downloads on Google play store. It is a multi-functionality app that consists of file manager, download manager, system manager, remote manager, root explorer and much more.

    This app provides tons of tools for file management, including Cut, Copy, Paste, Move, Create, Delete, Rename, Hide, Send, Search, Share, etc. It also offers tools that can be used for archiving and compressing files.

    In addition to that, ES file explorer supports cloud services, like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, and more, so you can back up your files to the cloud, and sync them among all your mobile devices. The other good thing about this app is that it is totally ads free.

  2. ES file explorer screenshots

  3. ASTRO File Manager with Cloud
    Astro File Manager is one of the best file manager app for Android that lets you manage and organize all your files regardless of where they are stored (in a cloud or on your device). It has the robust technology to easily search for files in the Android device, giving you the ability to find the file you want using keywords, or narrow your search down to only specific locations on your device’s memory.

    Furthermore, this file manager comes with a unique feature called ‘CLOUD HOPPING’, which lets you move files from one cloud platform to another in a single copy and paste – without having to download them first before sending to your destination cloud. It supports all major cloud services, like Dropbox, Box.net, Google Drive, Facebook, and OneDrive.

    The app also has a built-in image viewer to open images, PDFs and even text-viewer. Other features of Astro file manager include app backup, app manager, download manager, task killer, networking, and SSH File Transfer (SFTP).

  4. astro file manager screenshots

  5. X-plore File Manager
    X-plore file manger is an easy to use file manager app that supports dual-pane tree view, which allows you to view two folders at once. With the help of dual-pane view, you can easily copy and move files from one folder to another and perform basic file management operations.

    The app also allows you to access to cloud storage, Picasa albums, browse SQlite database files, zip and unzip files. Other features include application manager, built-in image viewer, hex viewer, wifi file sharing, SFTP.

  6. x-plore file manager screenshots

  7. Ghost Commander File Manager
    Ghost Commander is a dual-panel, customizable file manager app which allows you to easily copy and move files from one panel to another. This app offers all the standard tools of file management like create, copy, move, rename, delete, etc.

    Beside the basic features, it also has cloud services, built-in FTP client, ZIP archive support and built in text editor. This file manager is very customizable and comes with a lot of options to customize the look and feel of this Android manager. You can change the color, font size, language and custom toolbar according to your preferences.

    The other interesting feature of this app is that it allows user to change file permission and even execute their own shell commands, it’s only possible on the rooted Android Smartphones.

  8. ghost commander file manager screenshots

  9. FX File Explorer
    FX File Explorer is a free file manager app that is designed to let you easily manage all content on your Android phone or tablet. This app has a very nice interface with plenty of features to handle most of your file management needs. There’s also dual pane mode which enable you to quickly switch between different locations.

    FX file explorer comes with built-in image viewer, hex viewer, text-editor, and cleaning tools for removing duplicates and viewing large files. It also can archive files or folders in most formats (zip, .tgz, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, .7z).

    The only downside of this app is that it does not provide network connections and cloud services that the other free file manager apps do, but it does offer a paid “Plus” add-on which adds network and cloud integration as well as media management features. So if you need the functionality, you’ll have to purchase the add-on in the play store.

  10. FX file explorer screenshots

These are some of the best file manager apps currently available for Android. Let us know which file manager app you are currently using in the comments below.


  1. PowerGrasp is a great one!

  2. I have used Ghost Commander for several years and, in my opinon, it is the best by far, especially with the numerous add-ons that can be downloaded to expand it’s capability. The dual screen is the most useful component in this great file manager.