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5 Best Free Fighting Games for Android

Posted by on July 27, 2015

Fighting games are a popular action game in which two on-screen characters engage in one-on-one combat. They are often feature special moves that are triggered through rapid sequences of button presses and joystick movements. These kind of games are very fun to play and challenging too.

There are many fighting games that are available on the Google Play store. If you are looking for some great action fighting games, here’s a list of 5 best Android fighting games that will get your blood flowing.

  1. Shadow Fight 2
    Shadow Fight 2 is a unique fighting games that you can enjoy for free on your Android phone. The unique thing about this game is that it has no actual character graphics, instead, you are provided with a beautiful 2D environment along with a colorful fighting style. You will explore many moves in this game as you play along for instance back flipping off your enemies, running up walls, etc.

    There are a number of game play modes: There is a ‘story’ mode, where you have to fight a series of increasingly difficult opponents on your way to fight the ultimate demon boss. There is also a sudden-death-style mode where you take on wave after wave of enemies, duel mode, and a tournament mode where you have to defeat increasingly tough characters.

    This freemium game is really enjoyable to play and is definitely one of the best fighting games for Android. I would definitely recommend downloading it to your phone.

    shadow fight 2 screenshots

  2. Injustice: Gods among Us
    Injustice Gods Among Us is among the best fighting games available on Android. It features an extensive cast of DC comics heroes that you can use to fight against other DC comics heroes. In this game, you will take part in a 3-on-3 three battle where you have to play with default rooster and then collect the whole massive superheroes collection.

    Each character has their own set of moves, stats, and super abilities. You can level up your characters and unlock its unique moves as you progress farther into the game. There is also a multiplayer mode where you can take on real opponents.

    The game play is fairly simple, mainly made up of tapping and swiping on the screen to perform your various attacks. It’s a really good game and it’s free to play.

    injustice gods among us screenshots

  3. Real Steel World Robot Boxing
    Real Steel World Robot Boxing is an interesting fighting game for Android. In this game, you will play as a robot to fight one-on-one against other robots. There are over 24 robots you can play as, including Atom, Zeus, and Twin Cities. Each character has their own special skills and advantages, so choose the robot to suit your style of battle. As you fight and win, you will earn Real Coins and Real Gold, which allow you to purchase, upgrade, and change the color scheme of your robots.

    There are also a range of playing modes such as Championship, Time Attack, and Free Sparring, where you can earn Real Gold to spend on upgrades.

    real steel world robot boxing screenshot

  4. Punch Hero
    Punch Hero is another boxing game that features a 3D cartoon-style graphics. The interesting thing about this game is that you can use real faces for characters, so if there’s someone you’ve always wanted to punch, you can add their faces and punch them as many times as you like. Furthermore, you can customize your character with things like sun glasses and facial hair. There are three modes to test your different skills. It’s a really fun game for those who like to play free fighting games on Android.

    punch hero screenshot

  5. The King Of Fighters-A 2012
    If you like classic fighting games, The King of Fighters 2012 should be on your list of titles to download. It is the latest installment of the King of Fighters series. This game features a really good old school graphic and 2D fighting style system. There are 32 characters that you can play with and you can play with your friends using Bluetooth multiplayer. It is an awesome game and will keep you entertained for many hours.

    the king of fighters 2012 screenshot

This was our selection of the 5 best free fighting games for Android. If you have any other favorite fighting game that is not on the list, please share with us in the comments below.