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3 Best Free RSS Feed Reader Apps for Android

Posted by on May 13, 2014

Nowadays, more and more people prefer to use their smartphone to look for news and information that they need from the internet. With billions of web pages available on the internet, there’s no shortage of great information. But with such a huge amount of content, keeping up with all the sites you love can be tiresome. Sure, you can bookmark your favorites on your web browser but there is a better way to do it.

RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a convenient way to subscribe to a source of information and get automated updates delivered to you. With RSS feeds, you simply need to visit your favorite sites and then add them to your feed reader app. Then just check your feed reader to see what important changes are happening. That’s it!

If you’re using an Android phone or tablet, then there are numerous RSS reader apps available on Google play store that you can use to follow your favorite sites and blogs, all in one place. Here are some of the best free RSS reader apps to get you started.

  1. Feedly
    Feedly is one of the best RSS reader app available on Goolge Play store. When Google announced the shut down of its own RSS reader app, Google Reader, Feedly became popular over night. Feedly has a very beautiful interface and provides all the features that a news reader should have.

    It’s really easy to organize your sites and categories, and you can view articles in multiple ways like list, full articles, magazine style, and tiled cards. You can share the articles with social network and you can also save it for further reading.

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  3. gReader
    gReader is one of most popular RSS reader apps for Android. It is an unofficial Goggle reader app with the same reading experience. The app allows you to view your feeds by site, or view all at the same time. What I like about gReader is its simplicity. The UI is very clean, straight forward and fun to look at.

    The app comes with quite a lot of features including the ability to search for articles. You can search for articles from a site and share your content with your friends through Facebook, Twitter and e-mail.

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  5. Taptu
    Taptu is another best RSS reader app that you can find on the Android market. It allows you to personalize your streams with just about anything of interest to you. You can add your Facebook, Twitter, and your favorite websites via RSS feeds and transforms them into visual streams.

    Taptu is a social news reader that blends your favorite feeds, social networks, and a curated news experience that help you discover, read, and share news that actually interests you.
    One of the coolest things about the app is Taptu Magic, or the app’s ability to learn what you like and tailor your streams to your interests.

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