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3 Best Apps to Automatically Backup Your Android Phone Photos & Videos

Posted by on January 23, 2015

Your smartphone isn’t just a mini computer that fits in your pocket, it’s also a great device for capturing life’s best moments anywhere you go. We all love to capture photos in order to preserve the happy moments with our friends or families. However, once we capture a photo or video, most of us don’t think about backing them up. There are so many inevitable things that can happen to your phone, for example, your phone can get lost or stolen without any warning.

While you can buy a new phone afterwards, but you can’t get back all those beautiful memories that you had captured on your phone. This is why you should consider backing up the photos and videos on your smartphone.

When it comes to this, nothing is more convenient than taking a photo and have it automatically backed up to the cloud, so that you won’t lose them even if your phone gets lost or stolen. If you have an Android phone and don’t mind trusting your photos to the web, these three apps will do their part to make sure your memories are safe and sound.

Note: Before starting make sure that your phone is connected to an unlimited internet connection. If you are not on an unlimited data connection, the data transferred in auto backup will consume a lot of your data plan. So unless you have unlimited data on your device, I would not recommend using it.

  1. Google+
    Google+ is by default installed on most of the Android smartphones. While you are setting up Google account with Android, you would asked several options like sync Google+ albums and syncing contacts etc. Generally on Google+, there would be Google Plus Auto Backup feature that is ON by default. It would backup your taken photos from your phone on your Google+ Account.

    Your stored photos and videos on Google+ would be in private place and would not be shared to anyone until you select to share it publicly. You will get 15GB of total free space that is shared between Gmail, Dive and Google+ photos.

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  3. Dropbox
    Dropbox is a cloud storage service which allows you to backup photos, videos & documents to access them from anywhere on your device. It often comes pre-installed on some Android devices. When you first launch the app, it gives you the option to automatically upload your photos & videos to your Dropbox account account as soon as you take them. You just need to turn ON “Camera Upload” feature during the initial setup on your Android phone. You can also turn ON “Camera Upload” feature from settings. It will create a private folder named ‘Camera Uploads’ on your Android phone for backed up photos & videos. This app offers 2GB of storage with a free account.
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  5. OneDrive
    OneDrive is another great cloud storage that allows you to backup photos & videos to access them from anywhere. You will find the same option to automatically backup your photos and videos that the Dropbox has. During the initial setup, OneDrive prompts you to turn ON automatic upload. Just turn ON the ‘Camera Backup’ and backup all your photos & videos to OneDrive account from your Android phone. Like Google Drive, you’ll get 15GB of space to store your photos and videos for free.
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  1. Hi Hardy

    You are right. I agree with you. These three apps are really useful for auto backup all the photos. Specially the Google+ and Dropbox. I personally used those and get a help. Thanks 🙂